how it works

No two churches are the same, so the strategy changes with each new church partner. However, to give you some idea of what the process might look like, we've given an example below of a common trajectory.

First: The Assessment

The first step in any journey is acknowledging where you are. We believe it's important to identify these realities and dream about what God may hold in the future for your worship ministry.

Second: The Scope of Work

After discerning both the starting point and a vivid vision of the future, our team will construct a game plan and schedule for what we believe are the best steps forward. This includes not only high-level vision strategies to connect to church vision, but "boots on the ground" implementation techniques as well.

Third: The Sweat Equity

Whether workshops, team building, systems coaching, or a variety of other steps are utilized, we engage with your teams in meaningful sessions designed to suit the specific needs of your church.

Fourth: The Partnership

We're here for you. We'll hold you accountable to your plan, we'll check in on your progress, but most importantly we'll be a continual resource for you every step of the way.